The War, Journal Entry 3/19/2013

The War, Journal Entry 3/19/2013, Author Unknown-

The War presses ever onward towards its inevitable conclusion…total and complete subjugation, without appeal or concession, for the rest of your natural life.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to keep this journal, the Spies are everywhere…you can’t even trust your neighbors or family anymore…everyone is reporting to the Matriarch. Her Decrees and Requisitions are become more and more mercurial and strict rationing has been enforced. She Who Is Most Important, as we’ve started calling her, has begun to show signs of the Infliction. We believe, those of us who have managed to elude capture and reprogramming so far, that many of her kind suffer from this parasitic infestation. The parasite starts no bigger than a cell, but quickly grows…warping the very body and mind it infested. We have yet to gather enough information about how the Infliction is passed from person to person, but we were able to make contact with one individual very close to the Matriarch. He calls himself a Propagator and seems to spend considerable time in the Matriarchs presence. We have also managed to follow and observe him on numerous occasions participating in strange rituals and what appear to be combat exercises, both alone and in the company of the others.

The rebellion is growing! Every day more members flock to our banner…we shall be the bridge that spans the gulf from slavery to freedom, though it may cost us our lives!

Libertatum ex Custodia!


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  1. Speaking of rationing, stop eating my wheat thins.

    She Who is Most Important

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