The Easter Wars-

Hey look yall! We hid army men for the litte one to find in his easter eggs!

Here he is with his Squad of Green Army Guys and his gun, ready to embark on his Search and Rescue Mission! The rest of the Green Army Guy Army has been captured and imprisioned within the Dreaded Easter Eggs by the Evil Tan Army!! DUH DUH DUUUUUUHHH!













Evil Tan Army!




Jude sucessfully rescued his first GAG (Green Army Guy), egg not shown due to the graphic nature of the rescue. (Jude broke the egg by accident and we didnt manage a picture of it.)



Egg Number TWO




GAG’s Rescued: TWO




Back to Home Base and Medical Assistance by Dr. Wren.




Egg Number Four, guarded by Elite ETA Soldiers











ETA Soldiers under attack by Jude




Jude got impatient with Egg number five and opened it before he got back to the stoop where Wren was holding the rescued GAG’s and the captured ETA’s.











All GAG’s rescued! Much fun was had.





Here’s a few shots of our little soldier posing with his troops…and some more silly shots, because Wren  likes to take pictures when he’s being cute.

We call this one “The Cheesey Grin”










The Line Up







Picking and Choosing Sides







GAG Close Up






Our Honored Dead…









…and that’s how we celebrated Easter Sunday in the Willett House…:)


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  1. Adorable! Looks like you all had a great Easter.

    1. milobaines says:

      We try to keep things interesting around here…:)

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