Things I Think About While Driving


Things I think about While Driving-


Have you ever been on a long road trip and you start to create little stories in your head to keep you entertained as your wife is sleeping/reading/stuffing her face with donuts? I do…a lot!


Some examples include:


Long Haul Dwarven Clans


Big Box retailers have so much stock to move, but how do they protect their stuff on the open road I ask myself…w


With The Long Haul Dwarven Clans, that’s how!


Many years ago the Big Boxes started to build their stores, and so large were these stores that many Dwarven Clans came out of the mountains and hills to see what the all the fuss was about. Impressed with the scope and craftsmanship of the stores (or Halls as the Dwarves call them), as well as the reasonable prices and excellent selection, they decided to stay. Being the type of businessmen and women to jump on a good deal, the Big Boxers put the Dwarves on the payroll…as highway security.


Now, in the darkest part of the nights, when the roads are almost empty and the moon is shining down on the sleeping world, they raid each other in manners very similar to the pirates of yesteryear. Dwarven Chieftains send their warriors out to clash with sword and ax and spear, jumping from truck to truck and stealing the treasures of their rivals. Some are primitive and feral, some are sophisticated and elite…all are deadly, viscous and skilled.


Next time you see a Long Haul Truck, beware…



Ghost Cars


Cars lost in wrecks, abandoned and sold for scrap, or left to rust in fields and garages feel hate and loathing for those that still run and the drivers that care for them. Using their rage, they escape the bonds of the physical world and travel the roads on moonless nights, hunting the highways and byways of the world for unsuspecting motorists. Crafty and malicious, they will blind you with high beams crafted in Hell and sicken you with the brimstone exhaust of Eternal Damnation Engines. They will follow you for just long enough to cause you discomfort, fear, anger and then POOF…gone. Some say that they are simply other vehicles on the road with their high beams on or needing a tune up who turned suddenly into a drive way or cross street…


I know better…



Dream Roads


With hundreds of thousands of motorists on the road daily, with roads that connect and stretch for millions of miles across the country, with the reverence we place on the “Open Road”, is it really that hard to believe that some roads can take us to other places…to Dream Places…?


You’ve seen it I’m sure, an intersection you’ve never seen before, no matter how often you’ve taken that route before. A turn you took a thousand times before and never that those strange building nestled in the corner. Or when you get lost and turned around in your own neighborhood, or when taking a long trip you’ve taken a dozen times before and suddenly the area looks strange, different and surreal…


If a person were to travel far enough and pay attention well enough, where might they be able to take themselves…?


Comment here! You want know you do...;)

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