I Don’t Know…

I Don’t Know What Want to Think Anymore-

I see things, and it makes me very confused. Are we purposefully trying to dumb down our society? Is this a secret government program not unlike the Newspeak of Orwell’s 1984? Are we creating a new language that will allow us to communicate with our computers and each other in new and wondrous ways?

I’m not betting on that last one.

I see it on Twitter, I see it in texts, I see it on memes and I’ve even seen it in books. I’m talking about text lingo of course. It’s like the whole world is getting lazy. It’s like we’ve forgotten the simple pleasure of conveying complex and fully rendered thoughts in a manner that not only truly describes what we are thinking to our audience, but also makes us look like we aren’t just banging on the keyboard with a big stick. I imagine in thirty years things like commas, periods, and spelling will be a thing of the past, not only in the digital world but also, alas, within our schools. The last vestige of complex writing will be found only in the antiquated and free books available on your Kindle or lost and locked deep within the strange vaults once known as libraries. Poetry and music will be 140 character blurbs with no style, movies will more resemble the trailers of today than anything else and wanting the freedom to own an actual book will require a ruling by the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, when those of us who do appreciate the way the written word can be used properly say something about it we are often times shot down, told to relax or even insulted. I realize peer pressure is a powerful thing, but the ease with which this form of ridiculous writing has been taken up by the world is frightening to me. Call me a snob if you wish, but I don’t think defending this trend is anything other than one more sign of the all-encompassing sense of entitlement our younger generations have. It’s as if there is no subject that these kids can’t turn into a poorly worded diatribe on fairness and equality, even when it’s not unfair or prejudiced or even unreasonable to expect it of them.

You don’t get a free pass for being lazy, you don’t get extra credit for following the herd off the cliff and you don’t get my respect for defending that which shouldn’t be defended…though that might be a rant for a different day.

This marks the end of this rant, all spelling and punctuation mistakes are my own but at least I fucking tried.

Wren: Occasionally, I will go back through Milo’s posts and correct some of his spelling. Aside from two autocorrect errors, I’ve left this post as is.


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